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FotoPro DMM-903s Macro Twin Flash Flexible/Articulating Arms Bracket (Previously DMM-903 or DMM903)

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The FotoPro DMM-903s is an improved version of the popular and globally out-of-stock FotoPro DMM-903, with stronger friction properties and more durable joints in place of the brittle ones in the earlier version.

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Meike MK-MT24 (Nikon/Canon/Sony) Wireless RF Macro Twin Flash MK-MT24N MK-MT24C MK-MT24S

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MK-MT24 is a combination of two MK-R200 small macro flashes and a 2.4GHz flash MK-GT620, which can flexibly control the illumination of the light in the micro-distance photography environment through the transmission of wireless signals.

The MK-MT24 is very similar to the Nikon R1C1 but at a fraction of the price. The wireless flash MK-R200 uses 2xAAA each, while the commander MK-GT620 uses 2xAA. They communicate using radio frequency signals, so no line of sight is required.

Meike MK-R200 Wireless RF Macro TTL Flash (Nikon/Sony/Canon)

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The MK-R200 is a tiny and strictly wireless macro flash triggered by a 2.4Ghz signal from the MK-GT620.

The MK-R200 is very similar to the Nikon SB-R200 but at a fraction of the price. It uses 2xAAA each and communicates using radio frequency signals so no line of sight is required.

The MK-R200 can be triggered by MK-GT620 of any camera brand, so it can also be shared with friends!

Also sold as a set in MK-MT24.