Borneo Spiders – A Photographic Field Guide (2019)

Coming soon in early 2019.

A collaboration between a world-class macro-photographer and a pioneer in Southeast Asian spider research, this book showcases the staggering diversity of spiders in Borneo with stunning photography, underpinned by up-to-date and authoritative scientific details.

Almost 400 species of spiders are illustrated with useful field identification tips, as well as easy-to-understand notes on their natural history and geographical distribution.

It is an indispensable reference for students and teachers engaged in ecological and biodiversity studies, nature lovers and macro-photographers in Southeast Asia. This will surely become a travelling companion of eco-tourists and their guides in Borneo, and a significant acquisition of the libraries of professional arachnologists worldwide.




As a biodiversity hotspot in tropical Asia, Borneo is a must-visit destination for naturists around the world. Borneo’s rainforests offer more than just orangutans, proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants; they support a more amazing myriad of insects, arachnids and other invertebrates. Through stunting macro-photography images, we take readers on a journey of discovery of another dimension of Borneo’s appeal to all nature lovers: the rich diversity of Borneo’s spiders and the fascinating natural history of these enigmatic and charismatic creatures.

This book is written in response to two new trends in Southeast Asian societies. As our quality of life improves, we appreciate our natural heritage more deeply and are more fascinated with our flora and fauna. Many become enthusiastic naturalists and even serious participants in citizen science programmes, and are quickly inflamed with a passion for spiders. Recent advances in macro-photography equipment and growing popularity of the social media have further bred a new generation of highly accomplished spider photographers with an insatiable appetite for knowledge in accurate species identification in the field.

Built on the foundation of the highly popular series of guidebooks on Bornean spiders, we have illustrated almost 400 species of spiders with even more spectacular macro-photography. We have also augmented our previous books with newly described or identified species, mainly from Sabah and Sarawak, and updated the inventory of endemic Borneo spiders and those that range beyond Borneo. We hope this new photographic guide will add another catalyst to focus regional and international attention to protect the rainforests in Southeast Asia, and add further impetus to advance the vision underlined in the “Heart of Borneo” initiative.

Joseph K. H. Koh & Nicky Bay


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