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Luggage Cover Protector – Leica M Mirrorless Camera Design

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Luggage covers protect your luggage from scratches, dirt and grime during their check-in journey. With these unique camera designs, you can easily spot your luggage once it appears on the luggage belt!

This is just the luggage cover/protector, and does not include the luggage itself. The front and back of each luggage cover contains the same camera design.

  • S: 18-22″ (33-36cm x 50x54cm x 20-24cm)
  • M: 22-26″ (41-44cm x 63-66cm x 23-26cm)
  • L: 26-28″ (44-48cm x 68-72cm x 26-30cm)
  • XL: 29-32″ (51-54cm x 76-80cm x 28-31cm)

Each luggage cover is printed on demand. Please allow up to 2-3 days for printing.